Electronics Industry in Tunisia: Market Trends & Prevailing Opportunities

November 18, 2020 | 10:00-11:30 A.M.

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With their comprehensive experience in the Tunisian market, the Tunisia Investment Authority (TIA), the GIZ, and the EMA share numerous goals. First and foremost stands the facilitation of market access for foreign investors, which is promoted by all three organizations. In partnership with FIPA, AHK (Tunisia), and the Tunisian cluster Elentica, an online roundtable presenting the market trends and prevailing opportunities of the electronics industry in Tunisia will be organized on November 18, 2020 at 10 A.M.

The electronics industry is considered to be one of the priority sectors for the Tunisian economy and counts about 440 companies covering the whole value-chain with a presence of 234 international players providing a wide range of products and application areas: electronic components, wires, and cables for the automotive industry, lamps and lighting fixtures, electrical equipment for engines and vehicles, distribution and control equipment, home appliances, etc. More than 65% of the production is destined to international markets, mostly to European countries. A skilled workforce of over 120,000 employees is the main asset that marks and boosts the electronics sector.

The online roundtable will shed light on Tunisia’s electronics industry, its market trends, and prevailing opportunities. What is the future German-Tunisian strategy in this sector? And what is the current status quo? The online roundtable will also highlight investment opportunities in the Tunisian Electronics sector.


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Opening and Words of Welcome
Clara Gruitrooy, Secretary-General, EMA e.V.
Tunisia-Germany: Towards a Strategic Partnership
H.E. Hanène Tajouri Bessassi, Ambassador of the Tunisian Republic to Germany
Why relocate to Tunisia?
Beligh Ben Soltane, Chairman, Tunisia Investment Authority TIA
10:20 German Presence in Tunisia
Jörn Bousselmi, General Director, AHK – Tunisia
Tunisia Value Proposition in the Electronics Sector
Abir ChaouachiChief of Section, Tunisia Investment Authority TIA
10:40 Overview of German FDI in Tunisia
Saida Kahouli, Manager, FIPA – Cologne
10:45 A German Success Story in Tunisia
Steffen Jürgens, Head of Operations, Dräxlmaier, Tunisia
10:50 Success Storytelling
Nouredine Yaakoubi, General Manager, Marquardt
10:55 Success Storytelling
Riadh Baktache, IBL
Tunisia, An Electronic Bridge to EMEA
Elentica Tunisia
Questions & Answers
Moderation: Clara Gruitrooy, Secretary-General, EMA e.V.
Closing of the Roundtable


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