Das 1. EMA Forum für den Mashrek und den Golf

Programm - 19. November 2012

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09.00 Uhr Registration

10.00 Uhr


Words of Welcome

- Viktor Elbling, Director General Economic Affairs and Sustainable Development, Federal Foreign Office

- Dr. Abdelmajid Layadi, Secretary General, EMA

Opportunities of the 21st Centuryfor German-Arab and Regional Cooperation 

Arab-German politial keynotes by official representatives of the EMA region

- H.E. Dr. Mohamed Abdelhamid Ibrahim Higazy, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt

- Boris Ruge, Head of Middle East Department, Federal Foreign Office

- H.E. Riad Saifi, Senator and Chairman, Amman Chamber of Commerce, Jordan, EMA-Partner

Moderation: Michael Pfeiffer, Former CEO, Germany Trade&Invest Gesellschaft für Außenwirtschaft und Standortmarketing mbH, EMA-Board

11.30 Uhr Coffee Break and B2B in  the exhibition foyer

12.00 Uhr

Foreign Financial Relations Business Women for Economic Growth Reruitment and Know-How-Transfer Legal Framework for a Secure Business

- Dr. Volker Berresheim, Head of Division, Foreign Commercial Relations, Federal Foreign Office, Joint Organizer

- Zaid el-Mogaddedi, CEO, Institute for Islamic Banking and Finance, Frankfurt, EMA-Board

- Dr. Klaus Hachmeier, Deputy Director, Department North Africa and Middle East, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

- Irina Saal, EMA, Personal Advisor of the Secretary General

- Adelheid Sailer-Schuster, President of Deutsche Bundesbank in Hamburg

- Prof. Dr. Hussein Eissa, President, Ain-Shams University, Egypt

- Dr. Martina Gräfin von Bassewitz, Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, EMA-Partner

- HRH Prince Adel El-Hashemite, ECOWAS Consul at Large at United Nations, United States of America

- Dr. Carsten Walbiner, Head of Department North Africa/Middle East, DAAD

- Dr. Axel von Perfall, Managing Director, ALINGHO GmbH & Co. KG, EMA-Member

- Martina von Mesterhazy, Senior Consultant/International, Chamber of Commerce of Berlin, EMA-Partner

- Saifuldeen Muhsin Al-Lami, Managing Director, Al-Saif Advocates and Legal Consultants, Iraq

- Dr. Stephan Jäger, Amereller Rechtsanwälte, EMA-Board

- Dr. Martin Kurtze, Senior Counsel, Siemens AG

Moderation: Dr. Stefan von Senger und Etterlin, ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg GmbH, EMA-Partner

Moderation: Clara Gruitrooy, EMA, Executive Director      

Moderation: Reinhard Stuth, Former Senator of Culture of Hamburg, HanBao Internationale Beratung GmbH, EMA-Board

Moderation: Dr. Thomas Sönke Kluth, Member of the Hamburg Parliament, EMA-Board


Workshop 1


Workshop 2


Workshop 3


Workshop 4


13.00 Uhr Lunch and B2B-Exchange in the foyers

14.00 Uhr

Water Management Renewable Energies and Environment Health Care and Life Sciences Infrastructure, Urban Planning and Green Logistics

- H.E. Farid Mogawar, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Republic of Yemen

- Zaher Al-Sulaimani, Director General of Projects, Public Authority for Electricity and Water, Oman, EMA-Partner

- Dr. Franck Wolcke, General Manager/Regional Director, Dornier Consulting Abu Dhabi Branch, EMA-Member

- Jan Eger, ForestFinanceService GmbH, EMA-Member

- Dr. Salah Al-Mudhhi, Chairman & Director General, Environment Public Authority, State of Kuwait

- Ellen von Zitzewitz, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

- Temime Mechergui, Project Coordinator, Landesentwicklungs-gesellschaft Thüringen mbH, EMA-Sponsor

- Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Horst-Dieter Becker, University of Tübingen and Consultant for the Saudi-German Hospital Group

- Dr. Thomas Frahm, Director Life Science Projects,Norgenta GmbH, Hamburg

- Prof. Dr. Paech, Deutsch-Arabische Ärztegesellschaft

- Aziz Erdinc, Director Sales, Bombardier Transportation  GmbH

- Kamil K. Al-Adhadh, Regional Adviser on National Accounts & Economic Statistics, Iraq/Lebanon

- Prof. Saladin Perababi, Governorate Erbil + Erbil Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Iraq, EMA-Member

Moderation: Christian Treichel,  Project Manager , Berlin Partner GmbH, EMA-Partner

Moderation:Jürgen Papadoupoulos, Director, Papadoupoulos Associates GmbH, EMA, Vice-President

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Nicolas Abou Tara, Diagnoseklinik Hamburg,EMA-Board Moderation: Dr. Rainer Seider, Head of Unit European and International Co-operation, Berlin Ministry for Economics, Technology and Research, EMA-Partner

Workshop 5


Workshop 6


Workshop 7


Workshop 8


15.30 Uhr

Coffee Break and B2B in the exhibition foyer

16.00 Uhr

Moderators of the Plenary Sessions & the Workshops 1-8

Chair: Dr. Volker Berresheim and Dr. Abdelmajid Layadi


Member's Assembly

(only EMA-members, closed session)


17.30 Uhr

End of Session
20.00 Uhr

Gala Dinner in the German Federal Parliament

Keynote: Klaus Brandner, Member of the German Federal Parliament, Former Parliamentary State Secretary, Chairman of the German-Egyptian Group of Parliamentarians