Das 2. Deutsch-Arabische Umweltforum

Stimmen zum Forum

Dr. Khaled Elshuraydeh, Secretary General, Higher Council for Science and Technology, Jordan


“Energy crisis – as any other – is due to government crisis […] The Forum was very successful: it pointed at the right issues and the EMA chose the right panel to speak.”

“I would like to suggest a foreign committee from both sides, Jordan and Germany, for a follow-up to translate some of the ideas into action”


Anja Wehler-Schoeck, Resident Director, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Jordan and Iraq, Jordan


“The forum built an excellent bridge between the Middle East and Germany and has demonstrated expertise and great potential. During the workshops, familiar facts were confirmed whilst dedicated action is urgently needed. The excellent network of the EMA is a perfect ground for this. […] I hope this will be continued.”

“A bottom-up approach needs to go hand in hand with the bottom-down approach. Further, a legal framework needs to be set. […] We need to calculate our natural resources into our costs”


Nabila Hamza, President, Foundation for the Future, Jordan

“The Forum was a very successful gathering that brought together a number of high level senior officials to discuss extremely interesting topics.”

“Congratulations to the EMA, the Higher Council for Science and Technology and the Amman Chamber of Commerce for the excellent organization of the Forum. […] I have learned a lot in the workshop sessions, above all about the cooperation that can be built between the EMA region and Germany. Concluding, I have come to the following results:

Firstly, environment policy is not a matter of government, but there is a need for coordination and communication between all sectors and actors. Secondly, there is a need for a high-level coordination body between the ministries.

Thirdly, we need a holistic approach for environmental protection, since there is a difficulty of conciliation between environment protection and other generating issues during a recession, such as unemployment, etc.

Fourthly, we need a participatory approach, which involves the population and civil society organizations the same.

Fifthly, the gender issue is not to be underestimated, since women are key players, who are the first concerned by water, soil erosion, etc. Women need to be involved more on the decision level.

My main conclusion is that a practical approach is necessary.”


Beate Richter, Country Director Jordan, KfW Bank Group, Germany

“There is a lack of cooperation between the Arab countries, as HRH has pointed out, as well as a lack of mega projects. It is easier to initiate bigger projects than to achieve a change of the government. Change needs to come from within the country itself. […] The discussion made clear the need of communication strategies, which need to be improved.”


Prof. Dr. Anton Mangstl, Vice President, German-Jordanian-University, Jordan

“Academic programmes are building bridges. Currently, there are about 500 students in Germany, acting as good ambassadors. Academic cooperation helps overcome cultural clashes.”

“A Follow-up is very important. The question is: What can we do to realize agendas and to build stronger links between Germany and Arab states? We need to encourage investment, exchange and business development of German small and medium enterprises in Jordan. The country needs opportunities.”

„Das Deutsch Arabische Umweltforum war aus der Sicht  der German Jordanian University (GJU) ein voller Erfolg. Die große Nachfrage zu allen Workshops zeigt, dass die Themen Energie und Umwelt als wichtig erachtet werden. Der dringende Handlungsbedarf bezüglich der Umweltherausforderungen ist allen Akteuren bewusst. Viele Initiativen, Projekte und Kooperationen sind bereits entstanden und werden erfolgreich durchgeführt. Wichtig hierbei ist vor allem die Nachhaltigkeit, der besondere Bedeutung geschenkt werden muss, um die zahlreichen Initiativen und Bemühungen dauerhaft am Leben zu erhalten.“

„Durch die rege Teilnahme am Umweltforum konnte die GJU viele neue Kontakte knüpfen, Informationen austauschen und mögliche Kooperationspartner kennenlernen.“

„Zusammenfassend war die Umweltkonferenz eine Plattform für den Austausch von Erfahrungen, die Vorstellung vielversprechender Projekte und Visionen. Die Notwendigkeit in diesen Bereichen länderübergreifend zu handeln ist allen Teilnehmern bewusst. Gemeinsame Visionen sind Grundlage für die erfolgreiche Implementierung und Umsetzung internationaler Kooperationen. Der regelmäßige Austausch ist daher wichtig und wegweisend für eine gemeinsame Herangehensweise an die komplexen Herausforderungen im Bereich des Wasser- und Umweltmanagements.“


Bassem Farradj, Secretary General Amman Chamber of Commerce, Jordan

“We are really proud of having the EMA and the Higher Council for Science and Technology as our partners. Engagement and cooperation is what we need. I hope it is not the last meeting and I would be very proud and happy to repeat this Forum.”

“There is a lot more that can be done from the German side in the sector of renewable energies. Jordan needs to generate the message to the government on the implementation of transparency, etc. […] The German experience talks for itself. […] Currently, we experience a critical movement in Jordan: a change of heart, hope and belief for change. […] We need roundtables with relevant numbers to be more practical about it and exchange and combine knowledge for productive and enriched sessions.”


Adelheid Sailer-Schuster, President EMA e.V., Germany

“H.R.H. hit the point, when he said that we should appreciate what we have and should look across the border to see how other countries manage with less. […] I am wishing for a follow-up event and more specific projects. The main objective is to bring the right partners and people together from research, public authorities, universities and companies. We need to raise awareness of investment possibilities in Jordan and of lighthouse projects in the environmental sector.”


Nancy Tayyan, Tourism Events Coordination Officer, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority

“We, ASEZA, are thankful for the opportunity the EMA gave us to showcase the City of Aqaba and Wadi Rum.”


Veronika Frankenberger, Consultant, clarify.decide.change, Germany

„Ich möchte der EMA ganz herzlich danke sagen für das herzliche Willkommen und die so professionelle Koordination.“


Silke Ruth Laskowski, Professor for Environmental Law, University Kassel

„Ich bin sehr von der Tagung, dem Land und den interessanten Menschen, die ich in Jordanien kenngelernt habe, beeindruckt und plane nun verschiedene Anträge für deutsch-jordanische Forschungs-/Kooperationsprojekte.“


Faiza Chabchoub Chaker , Bureau Exécutif - Chambre Nationale des Femmes Chef d'Entreprises (CNFCE / UTICA), Tunisia

“Je voudrais faire quelques recommandations qui je pense en premier lieu entre dans le cadre de notre mentalité et de ce fait il faut viser à changer les mentalités et viser en parallèle les petits projets sur l'environnement qui vont toucher la population pauvre et la création d'emploi et sensibiliser les gens sur le bienfait du recyclage et sur la protection de l'environnement et par la suite sur les grand projets de protection dont les états et les grands investisseurs doivent collaborer et tout ceci dans le cadre d'un travail de coopération entre les pays arabes qui de part leur culture doivent collaborer et c'est pourquoi j'ai parle du recyclage des déchets ménagers dans les communies et les villes qui a mon avis tout en créant des postes de travail pour  les gens démunis et principalement les femmes et obliger les memages, les super marchés, les restaurants, les sociétés etc ... De faire le tri des déchets et tout cela ne peut se faire si on ne commence pas par une campagne de sensibilisation pour faire admettre à la population le bienfait du trie car la est le plus grand problème chez nous pays Arabes.

C'est pourquoi si on veut avancer sur le problème de la protection, il faut viser aussi à changer les mentalités dans notre régions arabes.”


Dr. Maha Tawfik, Deputy Chairperson, National Water Research Center (NWRC), Egypt

“I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to EMA for giving me the chance to participate in such a beneficial event. The discussions in the workshops were constructive and the last day visit to Aqaba was both entertaining and informative. I enjoyed meeting and communicating with all German and Jordanian participants. I believe this forum offered great chances for potential cooperation in the future in the fields of water resources, renewable energies and environment.”