Das 2. Hamburger Wasserforum für die EMA-Region

Programm - Tag 1 (10. September 2012)

Stand: 07. September 2012

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09.00 a.m.

Registration and Reception
10.00 a.m.

Words of Welcome

  • Dr. Jens Peter Breitengroß, Vice-President, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
  • Prof. Dr. Horst H. Siedentopf, President, EMA
  • Dr. Dorothee Stapelfeldt, Second Mayor and Senator for Science and Research of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Keynote Speeches

  • H.E. Eng. Mohammad al Najjar, Minister of Water and Irrigation, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on behalf of HRH Prince Hassan bin Talal, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
11.15 a.m.

Coffee Break in the Exhibition Hall

Tour of the Fair with Members of the Press

11.45 a.m.

Panel 1: German-Arab Cooperation in the Water Sector for Global Peace and Prosperity

Keynote: H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Abu-Zeid, President of the Arab Water Council, Egypt

  • “The Arab Spring: A new Beginning for the Water Policy in the Arab World”, H.E. Abdul Nabi Mussayab, Ambassador of the Arab League in Berlin
  • “ Water Conflict and Perspective of Solutions in the EMA Region”, H.E. Dr. Shaddad Attili, Director, Palestinian Water Authority
  • “The Changes in the Arab World as Challenge to German-Arab CooperationProf. Udo Steinbach, Director of the Governance Center Middle East/North Africa, Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance, Berlin
  •  “ARABTERM.org: official launch water volume”, Guido Zebisch, Chief Advisor, GIZ/Rabat

Moderation: Conny Czymoch, Moderation und Media Coaching

13.15 p.m.

Lunch /B2B Exchange in the Exhibition Hall

14.15 p.m

Panel 2: Urban Water Management


Keynote:  "Jordan Water Situation, Challenges and Perspectives", Eng. Mohammad al Najjar, Minister of Water and Irrigation, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

  •  “Hamburg Water Cycle”, Christian Günner, Hamburg Wasser, Hamburg
  • “Greening of the Water Sector as a Means to Addressing Water Scarcity”, Hussein Abaza, Environmental Economist, Chairman of the Community & Environmental Development Society, Egypt
  • „Water Filtration Comes to a New Era! Ceramic Membranes Proof to be the best Solution!”, Lutz Bungeroth, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, ItN Nanovation, Saarbrücken
  •  “Innovative Water Disinfection”, Bernhard Roeger, Director Sales, Voigtländer GmbH, Pfungstadt and Jörg Steiger, CEO, Intaqua GmbH

Moderation: Dr. Axel Göhler, Honorary Consul of the  Hashemite Kingdom of Jord

Panel 3: Rural Water Management


Keynote: Dorte Verner, Senior Economist, Climate Change Coordinator, the World Bank

  • "Implementation Research for Decentralized Wastewater Concepts in Jordan", Dr. Mi-Yong Lee Head of NICE Office, Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research – UFZ, Jordan
  • “Moroccan Strategies for Rural Water Management”, Samir Bensaid, Director, International Institute for Water and Sewage (IEA), Morocco
  • “Improving Drinking Water Management through Ground Water Protection Zones“, Ramon Brentführer, Federal Institute of Geosciences and
    Natural Resources
    (BGR), Hannover
  • „Water and Wastewater Analysis“, Dirk Borgend, Macherey-Nagel


Moderation: Farid Müller, Parliament of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg




15.45 p.m. Coffee Break in the Exhibition Hall
16.15 p.m.

Panel 4: Water as a Source for Innovative Energy


Keynote: H.E. Eng. Ali bin Mohamed Al-Abri, Underseretary for Water Rescuers, Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, Oman

  • “From Sewage Water to Plantation Forests in desert lands”, Senior Scientist  Hany El Kateb, University of Technology, Munich
  • “Algae in the Desert? Cultivation of Microalgae in the Waste Water of the Oil Production Industry", Prof. Dr. Klöck and  Franziska Bleeke, Bioprocess Development, Bremen University
  • Tony Wadhawan, B+T SOLUTIONS-HUB 4 Water Processing tech.
  • “Iraq and its Neighbors: Security for Water and Energy”, Prof. Dr. Sabah Alwach, University of Baghdad, Iraq
  • "Wasterwater Recycling From Sewage Sludge to Organic Fertilizer", Alexander M. Julius, CEO, Envitec Engineering GmbH

Moderation: Reinhard Stuth, HanBao Internationale Beratung GmbH

Panel 5: Water for the Supply Chain – Water in Agriculture


Keynote: H.E. Dr. Hassan Janabi, Ambassador and Permanen Representative of Iraq to Food and Agriculture Organization

  • “Agriculture must ensure the Quality of the Water: Implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive.”, Bernd Voß, Member of Parliament Schleswig-Holstein, Speaker: European-, Agriculture- and Consumer policy
  • “Irrigation in the Green Morocco Plan”,Ahmed El Bouari, Ministry for Agriculture, Morocco
  • “New Solutions for Agricultural Products”, Bernhard Roeger, Director Sales, Voigtländer GmbH, Pfungstadt
  • “Wastewater as a Resource: Capacity Development towards Safe Use of Wastewater in Agriculture”, Dr. Jens Liebe, Programme Officer, UN-Water Decade Programme on Capacity  Development (UNW-DPC), United Nations University, Bonn



Moderation: Prof. Ralf Otterpohl, Technical University Hamburg Harburg




17.45 p.m. End of Sessions
20.00 p.m.

Gala Dinner (upon specialRegistration)

Anglo-German Club

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