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Qatar has increased its GDP by 700% in the last 10 years


The New Year’s Reception 2014 of the EMA has not only been a perfect occasion to present the upcoming activities and events of the association to an interested audience composed by partners, members and high level representatives of German enterprises, but also an exclusive opportunity to gain valuable insights into one of the most prosperous countries of the EMA region with the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Qatar, Mrs. Angelika Renate Storz-Chakarji.

The Ambassador reported on the economic opportunities for German enterprises in a rapidly expanding country as well as on Qatar’s role in regional cooperation and the sustainable economic use of its resources. In her introduction, the Ambassador refers to the potential of Qatar, a country that, thanks to its large reserves of oil and gas has increased its GDP by more than 700% in the last 10 years. Having the highest GDP per capita in the world, the country enjoys numerous investment possibilities, especially in the areas of infrastructure, logistics, construction and sustainable environmental technologies. While the Ambassador gave a positive outlook on the expanding investment possibilities in Qatar, she informed as well on the national challenges and risks. A strong competition and a different system of rules and regulations should be counterbalanced by an effective and competent guidance in order to support potential German investors, suggested the Ambassador.

Thus, Mrs. Storz-Chakarji welcomed the initiative of the EMA to focus on the Emirate and to inform its members and partners firsthand about the manifold facets of the country. ”Interested entrepreneurs should secure the permanent support of the EMA as competent contact partner for their projects”, stated the Secretary General of EMA, Dr. Abdelmajid Layadi. Speaking from his own experience, a member of the board underlined that success in the Gulf State Qatar can only be achieved with a sufficient partner network and long-term engagement.

Regarding to the role of women in two Gulf countries, Qatar and Oman, the latter being her previous duty place, the Ambassador stated that the gender balance is increasingly in favor of women, perceiving it as positive change for a more open society. Women make up for the majority of university students and  female presence in the work force is rising; as a matter of fact women account for 41% in Qatar's oil and gas industry.

After an engaging discussion with the audience, the floor was hold by the sales director of RITZ Instrument Transformers GmbH, Dr. Ing. Andreas Grambow, a winning example not only in Germany but also in the EMA region. Dealing with a high variety of power transformers, RITZ can be considered as a best practice example for potential German investors in the region.

In conclusion, the informative speech of the Ambassador and the interesting example of RITZ are a perfect way for the EMA to begin the New Year 2014 with a special audience at the exquisite diplomatic club at the Outer Alster and its new programme full of new events and activities.

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