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The 3rd German-Algerian Business Forum

Algeria has recently become Germany's strongest trade partner in North Africa. The country has large oil and gas reserves, but is determined to sustainably strengthen alternative industries. In this way, the enormous potential of the largest African territory is to be developed for the national and international market.

The chances for German SMEs are increasing - at the same time expertise, a good network and personal contacts are a decisive factor for successful companies in Algeria. For this reason, the EMA, together with the Embassy of the People's Republic of Algeria and the IHK Berlin, is organizing:

The 3rd German-Algerian Business Forum
"Partnership for Sustainable Growth"

26-27 September 2016 | IHK Berlin

Cross-country state investments, large-scale projects and extensive modernization projects create attractive market opportunities in the largest economy of the Maghreb. Together with foreign investors, partnerships are to be established for sustainable growth in order to strengthen the local economy on a permanent basis.

Above all, German companies can benefit from the high demand in the agricultural and food sector as well as in the industrial and electronics sectors. Likewise, the country offers companies in the construction, infrastructure and transportation sectors interesting and feasible opportunities.

The 3rd German-Algerian Economic Forum is devoted to the various opportunities of the People's Republic of Algeria as a contact and information event. In addition to high-profile decision-makers and experts, an Algerian entrepreneurial delegation will also be taking part in the forum, providing German participants with first-hand information. From the Algerian side, the interest in Algerian cooperation is great: the largest Algerian delegation in Germany so far took part in Algeria in September 2014 with more than 150 economic representatives and decision-makers.

Find out about the economic potential of Algeria and take the opportunity to develop strong partnerships!


Your contact Partners for this event:

Hinrike Sprink, h.sprink(at), Tel:+49(0) 40 609 455 430
Cécile Delorme, c.delorme(at), Tel:+49(0) 40 609 455 430







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