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Hamburg Business Day Libya

Libya – The Gate to Arab and African Markets

September 30th, 2009
09.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
Hypo Vereinsbank, Alter Wall 22, Hamburg
The „Hamburg Business Day Libya“ presented information on possibilities for trade and investment in the country as well as perspectives on the development of the Libyan economy with special regard for Libya as a gate to Africa. Organized by the EMA in cooperation with the embassy of Libya and the Hypo Vereinsbank Hamburg, the conference offered participants the opportunity to exchange views and get into contact with business leaders, decision-makers and academic experts for economics, politics and law.




09.00 a.m.  Reception


09.30 a.m.  Opening

  • N.N.; Board of Directors, EMA
  • N.N.; Hypo Vereinsbank
  • N.N.; Government of Libya
  • Mr. Frigge; Wirtschaftsrat Hamburg


11.00 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.  Panel I: Politics and Economy in Libya – Current Developments, Problems, and Prospects

Moderator: N.N.

  • The Economic Relations Between Libya and Germany; Mr. Breuer, Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology (enquired)
  • The Political Relations Between Libya and Germany From the German Point of View; Mr. Berg, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (enquired)
  • Triangular Cooperation Between Libya-Africa-Germany: Libya as the Gate to Africa; H.E. Dr. al-Barag, Ambassador of the Peoples Republic of Libya
  • The Practical Economic Policy of Libya and Major Areas and Potentials for German-Libyan Economic Cooperation; al-Tayyib, Libyan State Secretary for Economy

12:00 a.m.  Break


12:30 a.m. – 1.30 a.m.  Panel 2: Libya as a Business Location

  • Funding Methods; N.N., Hypo Vereinsbank
  • Trade Law, Distribution Rights and the Establishment of Businesses in Libya; Dr. Jäger, Amareller Rechtsanwälte
  • Libya as Part of the Maghreb – Investment Laws and Conditions; Dr. Börner, Börner Rechtsanwalt
  • The Role of the LGC in the Initiation of Partnerships Between German and Libyan Companies; N.N. , LGC


1:30 p.m.  Lunch


2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.  Panel 3: Logistics and Infrastructural Investment – Concepts for the Future

  • The Infrastructural and Construction Branch in Libya – Today and in the Near Future; Mr. Hoffmann, Dorsch Consult
  • ‘The Goods Shall Flow’ – Trade With Libya; Mr. Schnaars, Ungewitter
  •  Infrastructural Investments – Construction of (Solar-) Power Stations; Mr. Koopmann, MAN Ferrostaal
  • Planning and Building Airports in Libya; Mr. Burkhalter, Hochtief AirPort



4:30 p.m. – 5:30 Panel 4: Reforms and Advance in the Libyan Health Care System and the Importance of Tourism in the Libyan Development Plans

  • Education and Advanced Training in Medical Professions (Doctors) and the Libyan Health Insurance System; Ms. Boscher, UKE
  • Consulting and Management for Medical Facilities With Regard to Special Business Practice in Libyan Hospitals; Mr. Tissen, GLHC
  • The Importance of Tourism in the Libyan Development Plans; Ms. Dr. Scholz, arkno Tourism
  • Reforms and Advance in the Libyan Health Care System; Prof. Dr. Badr Zaidan, Libyan Minister for Health (ret.)


Concluding Debate

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