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Hamburg Business Day Syria

Opportunities of Investment and Trade in an Opening Market

July 6th, 2010
09.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
Hamburg Chamber of Commerce & Industry
The „Hamburg Business Day Sudan“ presented perspectives on the development of the Syrian economy and information on possibilities for trade and investment in the country. The conference offered participants the opportunity to exchange views and to get into contact with business leaders, decision-makers and academic experts for economics, politics and law. The event was organized by EMA in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg and the Honorary Consulate of the Syrian Arab Republic in Northern Germany.




09.00 a.m.  Reception

09.30 a.m. :Opening

  • Stefan W. Dircks, Chairman of the Study Group Asia in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
  • Hani Nasri, Honorary Consul of the Syrian Arab Republic – Member of the EMA Advisory Board
  • Martin Köppen, Director of the Board for International Affairs, Energy and Economic Aid in the Department for Labor and Economy Hamburg
  • Saeb Nahas, Honorary Member of EMA e.V.


10.00 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.  Panel I: General Information on the Economic Conditions in Syria

Moderator: Taoufik Ben Amara, UNO-Ambassador (ret.). – Member of the EMA Advisory Board

  • Syria – An Opening Market; Secretary of State Hussam Al Din Al Hakim, Ministry of Local Administration
  • General Information on the Economic Conditions in Syria; Christian Glosauer, Correspondent for Germany Trade & Invest
  • Syrian Projects on Funding, Aid and Investments; Prof. Dr. Matanios Habib, Minister for Petroleum and Mineral Ressources (ret.), Damascus University
  • The Development of German-Syrian Economic Relations; Dr. Alexander Tettenborn, Director for North Africa, Near- and Middle East, Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology


11:00 a.m.  Break


11:30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Panel 2: Legal Framework Requirements and Opportunities for Investment in Syria

Moderator: Dr. Abdallah Nassour, Rostock University

  • Current Economic Reforms in Syria and Opportunities for German Investment; Dr. Magdy El Menshawy, Regional Director Syria and Lebanon - GTZ Syrien
  • Legal Framework Requirements, Guaranties for Investment, and the Establishment of Branch Offices and Joint Ventures for German Businesses; Dr. Stephan Jäger, Amereller Rechtsanwälte
  • Establishing Private Enterprises in Syria – Funding Opportunities and Services of DEG, Wilhelm Icke, Vice-President Europe / Middle East/ Central Asia, DEG


12:30 p.m.  Lunch


1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.  Panel 3: Infrastructure, Environment and Energy / Special Economic Areas and Aid for Private Interest in Syria

Moderator: Heinz W. Dickmann, Chamber of Commerce Hamburg

  • Investment in Infrastructural Projects; Saeb Nahas, Chairman of the Board and Secretary General of Nahas Enterprises Group
  • Supporting German Business – Hermes Bonds; Volker Knauth, Head of Unit Middle East / Turkey, Euler Hermes
  • The Environmental and Energy business in Syria, Dr. Abdallah Nassour, Rostock University
  • Presentation of the “Industrial Cities” in Syria; Akram Hassan, Director of Industrial Cities


3.00 p.m.  Break


3.30 p.m. Panel 4: Light Industry and the Transportation Sector

Moderator: Heinz W. Dickmann Chamber of Commerce Hamburg

  • The Export Potential of the Syrian Manufacturing Industry – Examples from the Textile ~, Clothing ~, and Olive Oil Production; Dr. Salam Said, Bremen University
  • Views and Practical Details on the Syrian Light Industry; RA / Mohami Oussama Al-Agi, Kanzlei Al-Agi, Syrian German Business Center
  • Experience of a German Business: Transports between Germany and Syria; Florian Jäckel, Deputy Director Export Section, Distribution Area: East Med, Greece-Turkey, Black Sea, West Med, Baltic, Mediterranean Shipping Company Germany

Concluding Debate