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The 1st German-Arab Digital Forum

We warmly invite you to participate in the first German-Arab Digital forum during CeBIT 2017. You will have the opportunity to receive first-hand information about the IT-sector in the Arab region, to share your experiences with other participants and to establish or deepen relations to business partners.

The 1st German-Arab Digital Forum

March 21st, 2017
CeBIT Hannover, Scale 11
Conference Language: German/Arabic (with simultaneous interpretation)

Due to the ever-increasing adoption of Internet and mobile technologies, digitalization in the Arab world has been registering soaring growth rates, mainly taking place via Smartphone technologies. Following the turn of the millennium, different nations in the region made significant strides in the installation of mobile communication networks, where network operator­s and Internet providers enhanced their transmission capacities to 3G and beyond.

Progressing at different paces, Internet penetration reached a peak of over 90% in GCC countries and 80% in Lebanon, in comparison to 50% in Morocco and 30% in Tunisia. Moreover, broadband extension has rapidly advanced, although it very much differs regionally. According to the International Telecommunication Union, the internet broadband per user in Egypt is around 9.302 Bit/s and 25.972 Bit/s in Tunisia respectively.

The Arab world is steadily developing into a potential production site in the IT-sector owing to a myriad of favorable circumstances, such as its geographical proximity to Europe, minor time differences, and the abundance of talent and labor.

Against the backdrop of current developments, the digital business start-up scene has been flourishing across the region, from Tunisia and Egypt, to Jordan, Lebanon and the Gulf states, spanning a multitude of sectors, including education, healthcare, finance, transport and logistics. In other words, it is nothing short of a booming, versatile and diverse scene.

Information and communication technologies play an increasingly important role for development cooperation on the African continent, too. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) supports the sector with different initiatives and instruments – amongst them through the Strategic Partnership Digital Africa and the BMZ’s Tech Entrepreneurship Initiative Make-IT.

The 1st German-Arab Digital Forum will focus on this “Digital Transformation” in the Arab World. The spectrum of debates will include the alterations in frame conditions and infrastructure, as well as the up-and-coming regional hubs that are becoming centerpieces of digital economy in North Africa and the Middle East. The discussion will be enriched by the perspectives of the BMZ, who, together with the Agency for Business & Economic Development, will provide insights into the cooperation potential for the private sector - German companies and their counterparts abroad.

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