Dr. Bilel Jamoussi, ITU-T
Chief of the Study Group Department of  the ITU Standardizatio Bureau

" Certainly the caliber and the quality of the people that this forum has attracted is remarkable. Be it the former president of Germany or the current secretary of state from the federal ministry. Also, many colleagues I met who are working in the ICT sector from either the private sector or agencies affiliated with the government, they form a vibrant group of people and I'm quite impressed and I look forward to continuing the engagement."


Julia Nietsch, Orange
Senior Analyst and Partnership Manager in the Strategy Unit at Orange International

" I'm positively impressed by this forum. I'm completely convinced that digitalization brings about great opportunities for the region and that, as many speakers have highlighted, now is the moment to ask how. How we can partner in order to achieve these goals and how we will have better digital and financial inclusion. Therefore, this is the perfect networking opportunity."


Christian Wulff, Former Federal President of Germany
Honorary President of the Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association EMA e.V. 

" Both globalisation and digitalisation provide great potential for development, yet  raise the question of data protection and job losses. As digitalisation is relevant across boarders, it is especially important in the three regions Europe, North Africa and the Middle East which are closely connected - geographically and historically. It is of crucial importance for German and Arab leaders as well as key multipliers from politics, science and the economy to work together towards our common goal of international cooperation. "


Rym Jarou, Smart Tunisia
Executive Director of Smart Tunisia

" We can create high added values from Arab countries. This is how ICT can bridge the gap. Germany can help by connecting businesses. Even German SMEs could build business bridges between the Tunisian, the African, and the German ecosystems, which would be of great value to our economy and for our businesses. [...] This forum was constructive, insightful, and good. "


Nidal Bitar, int@j
CEO of Information & Communications Technology Association int@J




"I think Jordan - because of its geographic location amongst turbulent countries such as Iraq and the influx of refugees - faces a lot of challenges, but this means that we have a lot of opportunities as well. Especially for start-ups that require innovation. I think Germany and Jordan can really continue to work together to dissolve a lot of issues and make things better for the situation of Jordan. We have an initiative called "Reach 2025" that aims at making Jordan a digital economy. [...] In this sense, I'm very impressed by this forum. I'm meeting new people and learning a lot. It's a good opportunity to be here. "



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