German-Arab Environment Forum

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Jordans central location in the Middle East, the stable political situation and the good relations to Europe make Jordan interesting for entrepreneurs and investors from foreign countries. Surrounded by oil-rich neighboring countries, the Kingdom, poor in natural resources, focuses particularly on innovative solutions energy production involving high potential for market expansion in the field of renewable energies, specificall in wind and solar energy. The biggest challenge for the Jordanian economy is water scarcity. Technologies for the construction of pipelines, purification plants and the expansion water supply systems "Made in Germany" as well as expertise in the field of water management are of high importance and therefore greatly valued.

As the most important European trading partner and the largest bilateral donor, Germany is able to contribute significantly to the sustainable and innovative environmental protection in the region on a political, economic and scientific basis: in the very fields of energy and environmental technology, German-Jordanian trade relations amounted up to around EUR 270 million in the 1st quarter of 2012. The main interest lies within renewable energies: wind power, which will constitute 20% of the country’s energy market by 2020, solar power and energy from waste solutions. Furthermore, due to the rapid population growth, Jordan sees itself confronted with the biggest challenges and investment opportunities in the energy sector. Moreover, the largest share of German development aid, which amounts to a total value of over EUR 1.3 billion, flow directly into the modernization of the water sector through the construction of pipelines, water treatment plants and infrastructure. Since August 2010, an investment protection and promotion agreement further favors the economic and development relations between the two countries.

Further priority sectors of Jordanian economy include tourism, which is of growing importance, informationn and communication technologies and agriculture. The expansion of these sectors are directly linked to the developments in the environmental sector regarding the water supply, waste management and recycling and energy production.

With this year's environment forum in Jordan the EMA builds on the promising development of the environmental technologies sector in Jordan: decision-makers and actors from environmental politics and economy gather to discuss about investment and development opportunities for both partner countries.

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