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The 3rd German-Arab Water Forum

Water scarcity represents a global challenge, especially for the Arab countries. 14 of the world’s 20 most water-stressed countries are located in the Arab region and even modest changes in the social, economic, political and environmental circumstances of a country can have a significant impact on its water management. To address these effects on the water sector, the EMA is currently organizing the 3rd German-Arab Water Forum.
3rd German-Arab Water Forum
Refugee pressure and the water sector:
Transforming an area of confrontation into one of economic cooperation
May 31st - June 2nd, 2015
Chamber of Commerce | Amman, Jordan |
The unprecedented number of refugees arriving in the host countries throughout the entire Arab region has caused a rapid increase in the demand for water and waste water services and put pressure on the water infrastructure.
Households, industry and agriculture compete fiercely for the scarce resource. The effects on the water sector are already perceptible: precipitously dropping water tables, rising salinity and strictly limited water supply per capita to an extent that sanitation and hygiene standards decline and subsistence crops wither.
The distribution of water between the local residents and the refugees brings along further challenges. In addition, gender-specific aspects regarding water supply and usage deserve special attention. The participation and empowerment of women in the water sector can contribute significantly to raise awareness for the scarce water resources in the affected regions.
The 3rd German-Arab Water Forum strives for the continuation of the “High Level Conference on Jordan’s Water Crisis”, organized by the Jordanian Government in 2013 and the “Berlin Conference on the Syrian Refugee Situation” organized by the German Federal Office in October 2014. The key result of the conferences is the need for strengthening international cooperation and to modernize and rehabilitate the water infrastructure in order to adapt to the increasing demand in the future.
German companies, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises, offer customized solutions and products at the cutting edge of technology in the water sector and can contribute to mitigate the effects of the refugee pressure in the long term. The 3rd German-Arab Water Forum aims at fostering public-private partnerships and at developing sustainable and efficient solutions for the water sector in order to mitigate the tense situation.
In this process, the forum offers the ideal environment for an exchange between leaders from economic authorities, business innovators from small and medium-sized companies, and academic luminaries.
















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