CSR Award 2018

Application Questionnaire for companies


With this questionnaire your company is applying for the CSR Award 2018 of the Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association (EMA) for special commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). By participating, you accept the conditions for application (in German).

You are required to provide sufficient information on all listed questions. This information will allow the EMA to assess whether you have fundamentally integrated CSR in your company. By providing detailed information, you can emphasize your pursuit of sustainable CSR.  Furthermore, a jury of experts will assess which company will be awarded, based primarily on information about your project in the EMA region (paragraph C). 

Mandatory fields are marked with *

A. Information about your company

1. Your company

2. Your contact person for the CSR Award 2018

3. Relations between your company and the EMA region

Please describe in few sentences the relationship of your company with the Mediterranean and Middle-East region, i.e. the countries of the EU-Mediterranean partnership and any other Arab country. These can include your location and/or trading partners. You could also briefly describe your company’s motivations to become a member of the EMA. Maximum 1,000 characters including spaces.*

B. Information about CSR in your company

In order to participate in the CSR@EMA Award, your company must at least view CSR as a core component in its activities. For this purpose, you must outline (I) the extent to which CSR is embedded in your business and (II) its commitment to the CSR@EMA-Standard®. Please tell us if your company has already participated in any other CSR competition (III).*

I. General

4. Strategic changes

Briefly describe in general terms since when and to what extent CSR is strategically anchored in your company. In particular, which persons or positions in your company are to what extent responsible for CSR? Maximum 1,000 characters including spaces.*

5. CSR Standards

Please describe briefly which CSR standards your company aligns with. In particular, comment on the extent to which you participate in the UN Global Compact or implement ISO 26,000 or other (internationally) recognized CSR standards. Maximum 1,000 characters including spaces.*

6. CSR Reporting

Please briefly describe to what extent your company reports on its CSR. Specify in particular if the reporting occurs on a regular basis and whether it is published in a separate report or integrated into the general annual report. Also, indicate whether you follow the (internationally) recognized report standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative. Maximum 1,000 characters including spaces.*

7. Priorities and challenges

Please describe briefly whether and to what extent your company has defined specific CSR priorities and if you face particular challenges. Depending on the industrial sector and the region, this could include several issues such as child labor in the supply chain, resource management in energy-intensive businesses, and corruption risks while entering the market. Maximum 1,000 characters including spaces.*

II. Recognition of the CSR@EMA Standard®

The EMA has developed its own CSR@EMA Standard® from elements of internationally recognized CSR standards, in particular, the UN Global Compact and ISO 26000, and specific CSR challenges and traditions in the Mediterranean and Middle East region. These relate to fifteen core tasks in five different fields of action (below under A to E).

8. Commitment and concrete recognition

Please describe the extent to which your company is committed to the following maxims. Please give concrete examples of the implementation of these principles in your company. Priorities can vary considerably depending on the company, sector, and region. It is essential to show how your company addresses specific challenges in a concrete way. Up to 1,000 characters each including spaces. At the end of this section, you have the opportunity to make further statements on specific points.*

a) Fair business practices

(1) The company promotes peaceful international cooperation and cooperates responsibly with local authorities and governments.
(2) The company is committed to fair and clean business practices towards customers, competitors, and suppliers.

b) Employee empowerment

(3) The company makes significant and effective efforts toward fighting all forms of forced and child labor in their own and affiliated companies.
(4) The company ensures that jobs meet the safety and health requirements of employees.
(5) The company is actively engaged in the education and ongoing training of its employees.
(6) The company allows employees to reconcile their profession with family responsibilities and volunteer work.
(7) The company enables the formation of unions and employee representations within the company, respects the right of collective representation of employees within the company, and respects the right of collective representation of employees towards the company.

c) Regional impact

(8) The company actively involves the local population in its development and actions.
(9) The company respects property rights and provides access to new technologies.
(10) The company promotes local and regional initiatives, in particular in the fields of education, culture, social inclusion, and poverty reduction.

d) Environmental protection

(11) The company takes its responsibility for the environment seriously and comprehensively documents its environmental footprint.
(12) The company is continuously striving to reduce its impact on the environment and wants to set an example, especially in the areas of waste treatment and water use.

e) Respect for Human Rights

(13) The company respects internationally recognized Human Rights.
(14) The company ensures that it does not participate in Human Rights violations.
(15) The company is committed to the respect and participation of marginalized groups, in particular for the promotion of women rights and religious freedom.

III. CSR recognition

9. Other CSR prizes

Have you participated in other CSR competitions? If yes, please describe your participation and final placement or award briefly. Maximum 500 characters including spaces.

C. Your "CSR Project" in the EMA Region

The selection of qualified candidates is based in particular on a project you have presented that successfully implements CSR objectives in the Mediterranean and the Middle East region. It should not be a "detached" project. It should rather be integrated as much as possible into your overall CSR goals and should have long-term consequences. It might be a set of measures or a strategic (re) orientation of a location.*

10. Challenges

Please describe the particular challenges your company, the destination country of the Mediterranean region and the Middle East, or the region of your location was facing when you decided to tackle your "CSR project". Maximum 1,000 characters including spaces. *

11. Development process

Please describe how your company has evaluated the best way to solve the problem. In particular, point out how you have involved concerned parties in your "CSR project". Such parties may be your employees and their families, your customers, suppliers, trading partner or the (local) population. Maximum 2,000 characters including spaces.*

12. Implementation

Please describe how your company finally implemented the "CSR project". Describe in particular the project status today, including the participants and their roles and / or recurring measures. Maximum 2,000 characters including spaces. *

13. Evaluation

Please describe how you measure the success of your "CSR project" and how you are planning to ensure that the project bears long-term positive effects. Maximum 1,000 characters including spaces.*

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