Chamber and Association Partnership Project in Morocco

Material purchasing and supply chain management for industrial companies in Morocco

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Together with its partner association BME (Federal Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics), the Sequa and with the support of the BMZ (Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation), the EMA is executing from 2017 to 2020 a Pilot Project Morocco which has an exemplary character for the entire North African region.  The Moroccan partner associations AMCA, AMICA and ASMEX are to be qualified as multipliers, to sustainably support sustainably the private sector in Morocco- especially the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their entrepreneurial activities and to provide professional consulting with regard of the needs of German buyers, supply chain managers and logistics-

The aim of this project is to strengthen the competitiveness and international orientation of Moroccan companies by expanding the competencies and structures of the three Moroccan partner associations.  Thus, they become demand-oriented intermediaries and actors for the internationalisation of their member companies along the cross-border supply chains.

German project partners - BME


Beside the EMA, the BME is one of the German project partners. The German Association Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics has been the professional representation of purchasing managers, supply chain managers, and logisticians in Germany since its creation in 1954. The BME views itself as a service provider for its members that hail from all sectors of the German economy. Its objectives include the transfer of know-how through a constant exchange of experience, the training and further education of qualified personnel (national and international), and scientific and academic research on new methods, procedures, and techniques. With its commitment in China and the countries of the Western Balkans, the BME has already supported companies on their path towards greater competitiveness much the same way as the present chamber and association partnership project envisages.


German project partners - Sequa

Sequa is a development organization operating on a global scale and conducting programs and projects of international cooperation in close cooperation with the German economy since 1991.


Moroccan project partners - AMCA

On the Moroccan side, the Association Marocaine de la Communauté Achats (AMCA) is the counterpart of the BME as the Moroccan association for purchasing management. AMCA was founded in 2012 and has around 100 members today that are mainly dealing with the mining industry. Thanks to AMCA, the fields of purchasing management and procurement gain ideal representation in line with the project objectives.


Moroccan project partners - AMICA


The Association Marocaine pour l’Industrie et le Commerce de l’Automobile (AMICA) includes Moroccan and international companies that work in the automotive industry such as, among others, suppliers of cables and car seats. Several bilateral projects of the association aim at the qualification and the improvement of the export conditions for its members and the further development of the thriving automotive sector in Morocco.


Moroccan project partners - ASMEX


The Moroccan Export AssociatioN ASMEX (Association Marocaine des Exportateurs) is a cross-sectoral organization catering to the needs of all sectors of the economy, but has through its members a focus on the fields of agriculture/food industry, textiles, crafts, trade, and services. Just like AMICA, ASMEX promotes the exports of Moroccan companies and their integration into international supply chains.



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