The EMA publishes numerous publications, with which it promotes and strengthens economic cooperation and international understanding between Germany and the EMA region. These publications provide expert information and insights on countries, business sectors and directional topics.


Mediterranes – The EMA's Business Magazine for the Mediterranean & North Africa

Mediterranes, the EMA's business magazine, reports on essential economic issues as well as on the exchange of ideas between Germany, Europe and the countries of the Mediterranean and Middle East region. Energy, water, environment, logistics, infrastructure, health and agriculture are just some of the guiding themes in the well-founded analyses and practical reporting. Its readership includes companies and embassies as well as parliaments, ministries, authorities, associations and universities.

In terms of EMA ethics, the Mediterranean region provides a respectful dialogue of cultures and the promotion of mutual understanding by granting a voice in particular to authors from Arab countries. The aim is to draw attention to the economic, political and societal challenges in the EMA region, to highlight achievements and best practice examples, and to emphasize connecting elements of people, markets and institutions with and in the countries of the EMA region.

Country profiles

The EMA country profiles address the political framework conditions, the economic development, the legal structures as well as the science and culture of the respective countries, providing practical tips for founding businesses in intercultural environments. In doing so, the EMA also deliberately takes into account the aspects which medium-sized companies are interested in.

The well-researched country profiles are fed by a large number of relevant sources and are subject to strict quality inspection. They not only describe the countries under scrutiny, but also critically and evaluatively, by pursuing both the strengths and opportunities, as well as the weaknesses and risks of the countries as investment locations and business activities.

Currently, our country profiles are only available in German

Market studies

Upon request, the EMA offers tailor-made market studies and well-founded market research on request. These include, for example, competitor and stakeholder analyses, data and facts about the latest developments in an industry or product, market entry strategies, business opportunities, and intercultural business practices and practices, or specifically addressing your questions - for example, about a suitable investment location.