EMA Ethics

With growing globalisation, economic cooperation increasingly implies the necessity of cross-cultural competences between trade partners. We are focusing on mutual understanding and offer strong support to our partners in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

We are ideologically and denominationally independent and consider ourselves to be a mediator between the cultures. We refuse the view of a “clash of cultures”; instead we promote the cooperation of Europe and the MENA region and support an enrichment of cultural variety.

Economic, ecological and social responsibilities are our determining factors. Sustainability is particularly important for us, which means we aim at creating permanent structures and cooperation for a longer period of time.

Competition provides motivation for high performance, but it should not lead us to ruthlessly exploit our fundamental livelihoods. We regard wealth, high environmental standards and social capital as connecting values to build up mutual understanding. The further development of democratic ideas and tolerance should support cooperation and an open dialogue, and by doing so respect and embrace the variety of views. 

Our vision is to develop and support the Euro-Mediterranean partnership.

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