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Gabriele Groneberg was born in 1955 in Essen, Germany. After considerable experience as multilingual secretary, including stays abroad in various countries of the MENA region she joined 1988 in Cloppenburg, Germany, the German party of social democracy (SPD). There she worked as employee of the former Member of Parliament Günter Graf and as manager of the regional office of her party.

Already active for several years in local politics she was elected 1996 as member of the regional parliament Niedersachsen. After two legislative periods she was elected in 2002 for the German national parliament “Bundestag”, where she served until 2017 as representative. During her time as Member of the Bundestag she was part of the committee for economic cooperation and development. As part of the SPD-fraction she acted as vice chairwomen of the working group for economic cooperation and development, where she was responsible for the topics Energy, Environment and Climate, as well as the countries of the Middle East, North and West Africa, the Sahel and Sudan.

As a member of the committee “Affairs of the European Union” Miss Groneberg focused on key aspects, such as Energy, Agriculture and data privacy. Furthermore she was a member of the panels for East Africa and the Maghreb countries, as well as vice president of the panel for Arab speaking countries of the Middle East. For the factional panel of the SPD “Europe” she acted as reporter for the topics development cooperation and EU-Africa relations.

Already from 2014 Miss Groneberg was a member of the executive committee of EMA. In this role she actively shaped and supported many EMA activities in Germany and the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region. In Miss Gronebergs opinion associations like EMA form an essential foundation for civic engagement: “Comprehensively and on a level playing field – That is the way EMA advances ascertained projects together with Arab countries. This valuable work deserves every dimension of support.”

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