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Partnership Between Ouissal and Startups Galaxy for Female Entrepreneurs

Last week, EMA and Startups Galaxy launched a partnership for Ouissal’s entrepreneurs. This was in the form of a webinar co-hosted by the partners. 

A webinar for growth took place on 9th April 2020, titled “Owning B2B Marketing for Startups” for EMA’s entrepreneurs.  In this webinar, tips and techniques were discussed to manage and market for B2B users. That included a presentation about growth marketing, sales funnels, website tools and improvements for lead generation and finally, setting up the CRM.

A group of 10 entrepreneurs attended the session, from Tunisia, Morocco and Germany. The partnership is expected to continue in support of Ouissal’s female entrepreneurs and for Startups Galaxy to connect with the founders.

About Startups Galaxy: Startups Galaxy is a platform showcasing startups and supporting them during their first steps, such as promoting their new product launches, book co-working spaces, services deals and more. The directory has hundreds of profiles from across the MENA region. They have a popular newsletter that includes exclusive events, opportunities and pitch applications. Check the website to join here.